3 Lovable Women Who Look Like Jennifer Aniston


This actor-slash-actress turned director and producer has some serious look-a-like competition following her lead. Who are these well defined overachieving posers who may be clueless to their cloned appeal? Just some of the most beautiful minds and bodies that Hollywood has to offer. They are all naturally adorable and lovable women, just like Jenny.


Colbie Marie Caillat. Could this be mistaken identity? Probably not but Malibu born Colbie Caillat comes pretty close to passing as Jennifer Aniston's first cousin. And if you have ever imagined Aniston going on a stage performing as a singer, songwriter, guitarist or pianist, this would be the moment since Caillat does just that. Aniston was born in the sixties and Caillat was born in the mid-eighties, big stretch on age. Both ageless, youthful in body and soul which makes it difficult to notice the age difference. When catching Caillat at the right time, right lighting, right position, she looks just like Jennifer Aniston!



Laura Wright. Carly Corinthos Jacks has a long running in General Hospital as a mob ex-wife character and no one does a better job than Laura Wright, someone no one suspected of looking like Jennifer Aniston. In the duration of this submission the soap opera was playing in the background. Carly hired a hit man to shoot a snotty evolving self-involved character when she turned and looked just like Jennifer Aniston. Not considered a candidate until you take another peek. Blue eyes, blond hair can be on any woman but Laura Wright has something Aniston that others do not, the way she gets to the point. She's so Aniston!



Barbra Streisand. Diva is the word and Streisand is the curve (ball). Never thought of comparing Streisand to Aniston? Now is your chance. Aniston's trademark hairstyle has caught the eyes of many. However, who takes after who? Streisand sports a cut so similar during her career that some can say Jen copied her. But who knows? It is that bob that ties the looks together. Streisand's skin is healthy in appeal, just like Aniston's. Blue eyes seem the giveaway in this comparison yet add the facial features and Streisand could pass as Aniston's mother. the lady that evidently discovered the Fountain of Youth.

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