3 Major Crops In Pennsylvania

The 3 major food crops in Pennsylvania play the role of providing food for Americans and revenue for the hardworking farmers of Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is located in the Northeastern and mid-Atlantic region of the United States. The entire state receives a considerable amount of precipitation throughout the year, which is why it has a bountiful agriculture industry. The three major crops in Pennsylvania are wheat, mushroom and tomatoes.

  1. Winter Wheat This major food crop in Pennsylvania is grown in 985 acres of land. Wheat contributes 300 million dollars in revenue to the state and is planted from September to November annually. This major crop is made into bread, cookies and cakes. Pasta is made from flour, which is ground up kernels of wheat.
  2. Mushrooms Every year, the state produces 443 million pounds of mushrooms and generates almost 300 million in sales. More than half of the crops are sold as fresh mushrooms. This cash crop is harvested twelve months of the year. Pennsylvania ranks number one for mushroom production in the United States, supplying 45 percent of America’s mushrooms. The majority of mushroom farming is done in the Southeast section of the state. Significant contributions are made from Chester County, Berks County and Armstrong County.
  3. Tomatos Grown in 4,900 acres of land, Pennsylvania ranks sixth among US tomato-growing states. In 1997 the state received 12.35 million dollars for fresh tomatoes sales and 2.1 million dollars for processing tomatoes. Half of the tomatoes Pennsylvania produces are for processing, so think of this wonderful state when you open a can of tomatoes next time.
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