3 Player Drinking Games: 5 Best

These three player drinking games: five best are kind of the odd man out in the world of drinking games. Many games are played in teams and the rest are man to man. We’ve dug deep, though, and come up with the five best three player drinking games. We feel this is especially important for those in the couple plus single roommate scenario. Single roommates, we salute you!


  1. Three Man. You need a minimum of three players for this drinking game. Grab a beer and a pair of dice to get the party started. Each player rolls one die until someone rolls a three. That person is the "Three Man." Begin play with the person to the left of the Three Man rolling both dice. The only hard and fast rule is that rolling a three means the Three Man drinks. If the Three Man rolls a three, he gets to pass his title to anyone he chooses. Decide the meaning of other dice combinations beforehand. Traditionally in this drinking game, a seven is a drink for the player to the right of the roller, a nine is a drink for all, eleven is a drink to the player on the left of the roller, and doubles are a roller's choice giveaway. The player given the doubles then rolls and drinks for the number of seconds the dice add up to. But if doubles come up on that roll, the original doubler drinks. These are just suggestions. Like all drinking games, a large part of the fun comes from making your own rules.

  2. Beer Ball (couch version). You need adult beverages, a soft football, and comfy furniture. The overstuffed kind you sink down into is best. Players arrange themselves into a triangle on the comfy furniture with at least five or six feet of space between them. Toss the ball clockwise. Make sure your butt stays in full contact with the furniture at all times. The player to the left must catch the ball and toss it to the next player with his hand in the exact position it was in when he caught the ball. If the toss falls short (meaning the next player would have to lose butt-to-furniture contact to catch it), he drinks and the player on the short end of the throw makes a rule. Any player who misses a good throw drinks. Any player who moves his hand from catch position before making the throw drinks. Any player who breaks butt/furniture contact drinks. Any player who breaks or forgets a rule drinks. The beauty of this drinking game is that you're already in a good spot if you wuss out early. Maybe someone will cover you with a nice soft blankie. That doesn't guarantee your friends won't whip out the permanent markers. Consider yourself warned.

  3. Bust A Rhyme. To play you need people, words, and booze. Choose a starter and proceed clockwise. Player one says a sentence. Player two must rhyme with the last word of that sentence. Continue without repeating the rhyming word until one player breaks the chain. There’s your drinker. After the drinking is done, that player starts the next round with a new sentence. Repeat.

  4. Blow Me. This three player drinking game only needs a deck of cards, an empty beer bottle, and at least three players. Put the deck of cards on top of the empty bottle in the middle of the table. Choose a first-blower by whatever means you like best then continue play to the left, as usual. Each player tries to blow cards from atop the bottle. The goal is to not be the blower-offer of the final card. Or is it to be? To be or not to be… Ye who blows last, drinks.

  5. Drunk or Kid? Here's another dead-simple three player drinking game. Describe true life scenarios and have the players decide if the teller was drunk at the time or a kid at the time. Drink if you guess wrong. Simple enough? Was your pal sloshed beyond belief or was he simply only seven when he played superhero off the rooftop with a pillowcase? You be the judge!

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