3 Popular Tapas

For a change of pace, make 3 popular tapas for your next get together. Tapas is the Spanish version of appetizers, and the word tapas literally means "to cover." A popular version of how tapas as an appetizer got its name is that a piece of bread was placed on top of a drink to cover it to keep the flies out. Usually the person would eat the bread with cheese or meat, creating tapas as the food it is known as today.

Tapas restaurants have sprung up around the world, offering an alternative to eating large, heavy meals and providing diners a chance to sample several flavors without eating a large portion of any of them. Of the abundant choices of popular tapas available, the following 3 popular tapas are easy to make and are delicious:

  1. Gambas a la Plancha. In English, this popular tapa translates to pan-grilled shrimp. This simple but delicious popular tapa is made by first salting the shrimp, with peels still on, and grilling them on an extremely hot grill. Lemon is squeezed on the shrimp and peeled before eating.
  2. Tortilla Española. This traditional tapa means Spanish tortilla. This popular tapas is an egg omelet and is made in the whole pan. The omelet is cooked in extra virgin olive oil and contains potato and onions.
  3. Montaditos. These popular tapas translate to open-faced sandwiches. They are made from a variety of ingredients including meats, cheeses, eggs, shrimp, olive mixtures, and more, combined in interesting arrangements and combinations.


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