380 Handguns

The 380 handguns are even more impressive compared to 32 S&W Long, and uses the 38 Special regular ammo. The 32 S&W Long was initially a favorite police gun for more than 40 yrs. The 380 handguns are generally a satisfying gun for ladies and those fresh to the pursuit.

  1. The Accu-Tek AT-380 is extremely precise and reliable. These extremely small guns are 100% US crafted and are protected with a lifetime warranty. Internal CNC machining, and choice casting foundry are all in one house. They can offer complete management over high-quality.
  2. The Bersa 380 is the ideal pistol intended for your own safety. It's slender, lean and at all times prepared for fast a move. Bersa provides you the a lot of benefits for your blasting buck. The Bersa plus Firestorm are a few of your most well-liked 380 handguns offered in the USA.
  3. The singular motion Cobra CA 380 handguns are develop for basic and tested reliablity. This kind of type is unrevised during the past 40 yrs. Select shiny Chrome or satin nickel finish.
  4. The CZ 83 380 handguns are ideal from quality to reliability, proportion and smallness. It will assist the undetectable carry of your pistol, thereby making it grow to be one of the more favorite 380 handguns for private protection.
  5. The Diamondback DB380 is a stainlesss steel trigger using twin joining bars that lets a sharp sleek, trigger pull. The glide, gun barrel, and inner components are covered to withstand rust. It appears like a M&P and a Glock hybaid.
  6. Using the Hi-Point CF-380, you will be certain of durability and precision that is cost-effective. Long lasting, appealing easy-grip coating. 100% US components and construction. The CF 380 handguns include a life long unconditional manufacturer's warranty.
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