4 Bachelor Party Packages That Any To Be Groom Would Love

If you're in charge of planning a bachelor party, you'll want to go big or go home. You do, after all, (theoretically) get only one shot at this, so it pays to find the most extravagant package.

New York


When your bachelor's looking for all-out VIP revelry, New York is the place to go. New York gives your guy the chance to round out his single life with some nights on the town.

Of course, the night is the highlight of any bachelor party package. Consider starting calm but historical at a saloon such as McSorley's. This place didn't allow women until 1970, and they still only serve beers in pairs. It's a good warm up for a great night. Choose from countless fancy restaurants for fuel, then go to a high-end gentlemen's club to get things going. Scores is a good choice.

But the night doesn't end there. Keep up the fun with bottle service at a Manhattan club, but don't forget to reserve far in advance. You're not getting in anywhere in New York if you're only a group of guys. Go all out with a limo and proper clothing.

Some general advice: as you're in charge of planning, it's up to you to choose who's on the list. Work out a list, keeping it to close friends if it's possible. Once you get above 25, it's a crazy number to keep track of. Think about whether you should include members of the bride's family. You always can do a family event later on. Then make contact with everyone, making sure to consider any budgetary, diet, or other restrictions. 



If it's within your budget, traveling abroad for a bachelor party heightens all the excitement. You're not just in another city—you're in another world altogether. Ibiza is a fantastic option for bachelor parties abroad. This is especially true if your crew is into clubbing.

The Spanish island boasts countless dance clubs, pulling in like-minded young revelers from across Europe every summer. It's something you have to see to believe. Think of Space, situated beneath the flight path of the airport. There's an outdoor dance floor, and engine roar constantly drowns the loud music. Privilege, another Ibiza club, is the largest in the world, packing in 10,000 people at a time.

Any bachelor party, especially ones overseas, need money. Setting up a fund to pay for activities is a smart choice. Consider appointing someone in the group treasurer—pick someone who deals with money and play up his ego. Then you don't have to worry about keeping tabs on who paid for which activity, as the treasurer will. He'll also chase down those who pay late.

It's hard to keep track of a big group. Delegate tasks like reminding about toothbrushes or passports. Sure, you're traveling with a group of grown-ups, but it will surprise you how many forget essentials like this. And yes, passports are essential when traveling overseas. If you're booking a trip like Ibiza, make sure everyone involved has a passport beforehand. 

Rio de Janeiro

You've always wanted to make it to Rio. Setting a bachelor party in the city is the perfect way to do it. The city itself has the ideal bachelor party atmosphere: warm and sunny beaches, wild and beautiful girls, and a mindset that's always party, party, party. What more could an impending groom ask for?

Carnival, one of the craziest celebrations out there, is actually not the best place for a bachelor party. The four-day wild party is stressful for those just vacationing. Instead, consider sticking to Copacabana, Leblon, and Ipanema. These neighboring spots have not only Rio's picture-worthy beaches but also a great social scene, no matter the time of day (or night). The women in Brazil are easy to approach, and even if they only have a handle on a few English words, they'll still find a way to flirt.

Settling on the right date is important no matter the locale. The bachelor party should fall close to the wedding, but not so close that it could impact that main celebration. Everyone pretty much agrees these days that having a bachelor party the night before the wedding is a bad, bad idea. Find a few dates that fall within two and five weeks of the wedding and ask the group at least three to five months ahead of time to steer clear of scheduling conflicts. 

Las Vegas

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Las Vegas may seem like the most played-out pick, but people choose Vegas for a reason. From its famous nightclubs to the gambling to the sexy and shameless strippers, Sin City is the place to go for all things with debauchery as an end goal. Think about The Hangover—you're supposed to make mistakes in Vegas.

Make sure, however, that you plan your party right. Don't go to the top clubs, like Pure, Tao, or Tryst, without preparation. You won't get in. You're better off finding a hotel that's reasonably priced at the middle of the strip and hiring a party host to plan the extravaganza. You'll pay a steep price ($200 per person is just a starting price), but you'll get everything set up for you. This way, you won't have to worry about transportation, fancy meals, and bottle service at a table next to the dance floor. Be wary of shady planners advertising on the Internet. Instead, ask your hotel's concierge for a good recommendation.

By day, you could take a helicopter to the Grand Canyon. That is, if you still can function. Or, you could rent a casino's poolside cabana. Bachelorette parties go there, so the conversation possibilities are endless.

Having some emergency backup devices on hand, like mobile internet devices or battery chargers for cell phones, isn't the worst idea. If things get too crazy and the groom needs to get in touch with his fiancée, it's best to already come prepared.

Packaging the bachelor party as a vacation is a great way to go—after all, you'll keep the debauchery far from home.

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