The 4 Best Places To Make Out On A College Campus


In college, if you have the space and even a little bit of privacy, it seems like an appropriate place to try and do the nasty. However, it's a bit uncomfortable for you and her and everyone in, say, the cafeteria who has to watch you while eating. If you're not in one of your respective rooms, you should pick and choose where you plan on making out on your college campus so you're not one of "those people", and you don't get bare ass slapped with an indecency misdemeanor. Check out the four best places to make out on a college campus listed below.


The library. College libraries are often expansive with many nooks and crannies. They are also designed to be quite comfortable to make students feel relaxed while studying. In other words, there are few better places on a college campus to make out. Just pick a section no one ever really goes into-like Native American literature-and go at it. If you can build a wall of books, this may benefit how much time you have before the librarian chases you out.


Sports field or arena. Depending on the size of your college, there will be different sizes of sports fields or arenas that everyone goes to for big school sporting events. The size of these venues also makes access to the location a little more difficult, however your ingenuity is supposed to be at its height at this age-figure it out. Sneak your girl into the school sports venue and find an empty row that you can make all yours. As long as it's late, you shouldn't be caught by anyone, except for maybe a peeping janitor.


A classroom. The bigger the classroom, the better. Try one of the lecture halls with stadium seating. While it doesn't necessarily have to be a classroom you have had a class in, it's funnier if it is so you will always be reminded of the experience when you head to Business 201. It'll be one of the few times you preferred to be in class over anywhere else.


The gym. Maybe a little gross, since there are so many people in there sweating, but many school gyms have steam rooms and whirlpools that are ideal for make out sessions. What's more, students usually work at the gym, meaning they can let both you and your girl into a locker room together during one of the quieter hours. It'll be one of the better workouts of your life.

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