4 Confused Ladies Who Look Like Kristen Stewart

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One Kristen Stewart is okay but how about for more ladies that look like her? Now we are talking. While she has been working for years as an actress, most of us probably know Kristen Stewart from her leading role in the “Twilight” series. Ah the series that sissified vampires to new levels of low. But hey, Kristen Stewart still looked good, good enough to find a few more ladies that could pass for her in a pinch. As if one Bella wasn’t enough, here are four more lovely ladies that look just like Kristen Stewart:



1. Teresa Palmer– If you have ever caught yourself looking for Kristen Stewart’s Doppelganger then look no further. Teresa Palmer looks so much like Kristen Stewart that they could pass for identical twins. Palmer is a talented actress hailing from down under and most recently starred in the zombie movie “Warm Bodies”.


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2. Jena Malone– Whether it be “Contact,” “Donnie Dark,” or more recently “Into the Wild” there is a good chance you’ve seen Jena Malone on the big screen. You may have even come to the conclusion that she looks a lot like Kristen Stewart and that’s because she does. Jena Malone jumped into the business several years ahead of Kristen Stewart so maybe we should say Kristen Stewart looks like Jena Malone. Either way these two actresses look good.


3. Missy Peregrym A beautiful young actress from Canada, Missy Peregrym first showed the world how much she looks like Kristen Stewart when she starred in the popular movie “Stick It”. Since then Missy continues to grow and develop as an actress, now starring in the cop drama “Rookie Blue”. One thing remains the same; she still looks like Kristen Stewart.



4. Alicia Silverstone – At a few years Kristen Stewart’s senior, Alicia Silverstone gives the fans a good idea of where Kristen is headed in the looks department. And that is not a bad thing. Both Stewart and Silverstone have shared not only good looks, but both found success early on in their careers playing sexy and confused young ladies. Only time will tell if Kristen Stewart still resembles Silverstone when she is 36.

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