4 Curvy Tan Women Who Look Like Kim Kardashian

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With all of the talk about Kanye West dating someone secretly that is the spitting image of Kim Kardashian, we thought we’d write a list for him of four curvy women who look like Kim Kardashian. That’s if he is looking for actresses of course. If you’re a fan of those dangerous and delicious curves of the sexiest Kardashian, then have a look at these actresses that resemble Kim in one way or another.



1. Mila KunisAlthough much more talented, and a good bit more wholesome, Mila has nearly everything Kim has except for her, ahem, assets. She’s exotic, talented, intelligent, and lethally beautiful. She looks great with a tan and has that Kardashian glamor without all of the drama. She’s not quite as curvy, but we definitely forgive her of that.


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2. Selma Hayek. Selma is the original exotic and mysterious beauty. She’s had every conceivable role from sexy-kitten, damsel in distress to ruler of a country. She’s also made cameos on "30 Rock" as Alec Baldwin’s arm candy. She is definitely curvy in all of the right ways and is the closest of the four ladies in the rear wheel drive department. Selma is naturally tanned and naturally beautiful. She is also relatively drama free.



3. Kim Lee. This entry in the might be the closest look alike. She’s curved and tanned, and whets the appetite when it comes to that striking appeal fans of Kim Kardashian seem to have. Kim may have hit her stride with her recent role in “The Hangover II” and has actually earned the nickname “Asian Kim Kardashian.” She has it all ladies and gentleman.



4. Nina DobrevThis European hails from Bulgaria, and thankfully made her way to North America. Nina is known for her work in “The Vampire Diaries” and “The Perks of being a Wallflower.” Her face is close to Kim’s and her body, though not as vivacious, is definitely in the same class as Kim Kardashian’s. She has a softer and less glamorous appearance, but she definitely is another Kim Kardashian look alike.

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