4 Incredible Real Life Cyborgs


If you are a big fan of the Borg in "Star Trek", "The Six Million Dollar Man" or the T1000 in "Terminator 2", you need to know about these four incredible real life cyborgs who prove that symbiosis between man and machine is possible.


Cameron Clapp Amazing Amputee

Cameron Clapp. This triple amputee is making headlines after losing three of his limbs in a train accident. With special limb attachments, he has become very active in sports, participating in triathlons, track meets, swimming competitions and even golf.  No need to give this guy a helping hand in making the most use of life, no pun intended.    

Jesse The Real

Jesse Sullivan.  Probably a real life bionic man like the one played by Lee Majors in "The Six Million Dollar Man", Sullivan is one of the few, if not the only, amputees whose prosthetic limbs can be controlled by his thoughts—they are wired into his nervous system. How about that for brain power?

Orgasmatron Women

Orgasmatron Women.  Most commonly referred to as the patients of Dr. T. Stuart Meljoy, these women have become willing (or unwilling?) subjects in his experimentation with a spinal cord stimulator (via electrode implants) that gives women incredible orgasms. Interestingly, the machine was a by-product of a search for a cure to Parkinson’s disease. Will man finally be replaced by machines? 

Cyborg Rat a Real Thing

Rat Borg. The most incredible real life cyborg is not human at all. Experiments have resulted in a tiny robot controlled with a rat brain. It is touted as a robot that can also learn, as seen in various experiments. Wonder if they plan to make a Cat Borg once this cyborg gets out of control? 



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