4 Ways You Can Change The Type Of Girl You Like


Sometimes, you get into a certain type of girl that you know is wrong for you, but you just can't seem to shake the longing. For girls, its bad boys-they just can't seem to get enough or say "no" when they know its going south. Some guys think they need to be with prissy, high maintenance girls, because they just like those type of girls. But that is not the case! Here are four ways you can condition yourself to completely change the type of girl you like.



Go to new places. Stop hanging around at the same bar, at the same restaurant, and at the same shopping areas. Branch out and try something new! If you're stumped for ideas open a newspaper and look at all the events going on in your town. Pick the event that you were least likely to go to before you wanted to change the type of girl you like. If you're really invested in your aim, go to a concert that you wouldn't have ever gone to.



Make new friends. You're never going to be able to change the type of girl you like unless you talk to more people and expand your social circle. When you make new friends, you're opened up to a whole new world of people. Give new people a chance, no matter how different they are. New types of people means new types of girls–\and you never know, you may just end up liking one!



Make a list of why you want to change the type of girl you want.  Forget the list of all the pros about your typical girl, but write down every con you can think of-every reason why the type of girl you like is bad news. Hang this somewhere you will see it every day, perhaps on the bathroom mirror or program your phone to give you a reminder everyday. This will remind you of what is best for you and keep you focused.


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Stop running after the type of girls you'd usually go for. Now this one is a biggie. You can only change the type of girl you like if you stop running after the ones you usually ask out! When you see one of those girls, now matter how hot she is-let her go! Do not ask her for her number. Do not even flirt with her a little. Her charm will rope you in and you'll be stuck in this rut forever.

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