4Chan Rules

If 4chan.org has peaked your interest and you have decided to join the community, then you should know the 4chan rules. To put it plainly, 4chan.org is a site where users come to share content such as blogs, videos, pictures and other such media. 4chan.org has generated a huge following with its many different varieties of content. It is highly suggested that you follow these rules from 4chan or you will be banned otherwise; for those lacking in knowledge of internet jargon, banned means you aren’t allowed to post on the site through the account that has been banned. These are the rules on 4chan that you should stick to mostly because they are the most strictly enforced.

  1. Do not break any laws in the United States or any other country with any content you are going to post on 4chan. This is one of the rules that you shouldn’t only follow on 4chan, but on every website on the internet. Some things you should keep in mind that posting anything implying you are going to commit any kind of criminal act can get you not only banned from the 4chan, but also get some jail time!
  2. Do not ask other users for their personal information, or post your own personal information. Another rule that you should follow on all of the internet, and not just 4chan, positing your personal information or encouraging others to invade someone else will not get you banned from 4chan as quickly as some other infractions, but it can be dangerous. One thing to keep in mind about 4chan is that many on the site are immature people who enjoy harassing others, so watch what you put about yourself!
  3. Do not the spam the sites with products or services. The final important rule that you need to know to survive on 4chan is to avoid spamming. Spamming is constituted on 4chan as trying to advertise a product or service whether it is relevant to the topic at hand or not. Spamming will, if you’re lucky, only get you banned from the site; the alternative is that you will be hacked by some of the 4chan users who don’t like to be messed with.
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