5 2 Player Beer Drinking Games

If you and your friend want to mix in some entertainment with your alcohol consumption, these 5 2 player beer drinking games should do the trick. These drinking games are all easy to set up and fun to play, making them perfect for low key nights. So, the next time you and a friend want to get a little competitive during your evening, try playing one of these 5 2 player beer drinking games.

  1. Beer Pong. The favorite drinking game of many, especially college folk, is beer pong. This can be a 2 player beer drinking game, a 4 player game, or even more. To play this game, you simply set up 6 plastic cups on either end of a table in the shape of a triangle facing your opponent. You fill the cups up with just enough beer to keep them in place and take turns shooting pong balls into the others cup. When a ball lands in a cup on his or her side, the player drinks the beer, and the winner is the one who makes the last of their opponent's cups.
  2. High/Low. In this 2 player beer drinking game, a person puts a set number of cards (10 should work) face down on a table in a row. With one card placed in front, face up, your opponent guesses whether the next card is higher or lower, until you have flipped every card in the row, drinking if they are wrong. A variation of this game is to place an additional card face down in the row each time the player guesses wrong.
  3. Movie/Song Words. In this 2 player beer drinking game, both players have to drink whenever a specific word or name is mentioned in a song or movie. You can also each drink on a different word, or multiple words, as well.
  4. Checkers. You can turn this traditional game into a 2 player beer drinking game. Simply, take a sip of beer whenever you take one of your opponent's pieces and two sips when one of their pieces gets "kinged."
  5. Quarters. To play this easy 2 player beer drinking game, 2 players attempt to bounce quarters into a shallow glass. Each time a player makes the quarter into the glass, her or his opponent has to take a drink of his or her beer.
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