5 2 Player Card Drinking Games

These five two player card drinking games can be loads of fun. Drinking games are a blast no matter where you play them. Playing at a pub is a great place to play because you can open some other opportunities. These five card games for two drinking players are a great dorm room or pub style game. Next time you are out and about tossing back a few with a friend, consider a little card challenge to beef up the drinking.

What you will need for this adventure:

  • Pub, dorm or someplace to drink
  • Money
  • Deck of cards
  • Imagination
  1. War – Drinking Card Game: This two person drinking card game is just like the normal game, with one exception – shots. Each time you enter war the loser has to take a drink equal to the difference in fingers. That is, say you lay down a ten and your opponent a five, and then they lose. They will need to drink five fingers up against a glass of the chosen drink. Careful what you choose because you can be hammered after the first loss.
  2. Go Drink Card Game: Fashioned after Go Fish, this drinking game entails your opponent grabbing a card and downing a finger shot. This can be played in the traditional sense, or you can add truth and dare to the mix if you desire. This is a great twist with a female companion; you never know what you will find out or discover she will do after a few shots.
  3. Uno – Drinking Card Game: Did you ever play Uno as a kid or even as an adult? It can be a ruthless and fun card game sober, now try it drunk. Each player draws seven and tries to get themselves down to one card. Each multi card draw is a shot and each time your opponent changes color on you, it’s a shot. The first one to call out Uno causes their opponent to chug a brew.
  4. Twenty-One – Tie One On: This is Blackjack as you have come to know it. Each person takes turn dealing until someone hits twenty-one. There is no stopping before that; the cards must equal twenty-one or both players drink. If someone makes the twenty-one then their opponent must toss back a drink of the other's choice.
  5. The Lady has the Deck: This drinking card game is based on putting one queen in the deck. Each player draws a card until one player grabs the queen. They can do one of three things, down a shot, perform a dare or drink a nasty concoction the two of you agree on beforehand. Play continues until someone drops.
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