5 3 Player Drinking Games

These five, three-player drinking games prove that you don’t need a crowd to enjoy drinking games. Drinking games don’t need lots of props, as everybody usually forgets the rules anyway, but these five three-player drinking games live on.

To play these five three-player drinking games you will need:

  • Frisbee
  • Cups
  • Beer
  • Ping pong ball
  • Pitcher for beer
  • Shot glass
  1. Frisbee beer. Give each player one cup of beer and one empty cup. Turn the empty cup over. The player tries to throw the frisbee and knock over the empty cup, while avoiding the cup of beer. If they player knocks over the empty cup the cup’s owner has to down the beer. If the player knocks over the full cup he has to down his beer and refill both of their cups.
  2. Beer pong. This is one of the most popular drinking games. A player throws a ping pong ball and if he hits the cup then he gets one point and the other people get a drink. It takes five points for a full beer. If the ball goes into the cup them the other players get five points and they have to down a beer.
  3. Stop, Go. This sounds like one of the easiest drinking games until you start drinking. Everyone gets a drink and the first person says to the person on his right “go." Then the next person can either say “stop” or “go” to the person next to them. When someone says stop the direction reverses. The player who makes a mistake has to drink. Then they start the next round by saying “go."
  4. Sink the battleship. Get a pitcher of beer, a shot glass and a few spare beers. Float the shot glass in the pitcher of beer. Add beer to the shot glass without sinking it. The one who sinks it has to down a beer. Then the next player tries his hand at filling the shot glass. If you play the game where you split the pitcher than this is one of the drinking games that will get you drunk the fastest.
  5. Sentences. The first player says a word. Then the next person adds a word that can help to make a sentence. Go from player to player until someone can’t think of a word or takes too long. That person takes a drink and then starts another round with a new word. This is one of the simplest drinking games.
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