5 ’70s Dress Up Ideas

The '70s was an exciting time to live in history, why not relieve those moments with these 5 '70s dress up ideas.  They are sure to bring a smile(or not) on the face of you and your loved ones.

  1. "Star Wars" "Star Wars" had a huge cultural impact on America in the '70s. This is when the emergence of Science Fiction began. A great '70s dress up idea would be to dress up like the character Darth Vadar. There are many different costumes available on the Internet, however, draping yourself with a black sheet and painting your face black works too.
  2. Punk. This '70s dress up idea is easy to replicate today as it has somewhat made a reappearance.  Think lots of black, mohawks, tight jeans, and 'I don't care' attitudes. Novelty stores would be the best place to score an entire punk outfit at.
  3. Glam Rock. Glam rock is a different style of punk.  Glam rock encompasses androgynous makeup, skinny jeans, leopord or any animalistic print tees, glitter, and brightly colored hair.
  4. Hippies. This '70s dress up idea is all about being free-spirited and taking life as it comes. The key elements are a guitar, super long hair, a bandana and mix matched clothes. This is a very fun '70s dress up idea–as anything goes really.
  5. "Grease" "Grease" was a popular movie released in the '70s. Even though the movie takes place in the late '50s the style is still relevant as a '70s dress up idea. It is mandatory to have to the largest and most hair sprayed hair in your posse. For guys, tight jeans, tee-shirt, leather jacket, and gelled back hair is the norm. 
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