5 ’80s Outfit Ideas

There is no denying that '80s parties rule hard, but it can be difficult to come up with '80s outfit ideas. While it is true that love is a battlefield, coming up with the perfect '80s outfit isn’t actually that hard. The following is a list of 5 simple '80s outfit ideas.

  1. Neon: And lots of it. The running theme for a solid portion of the '80s was bright and tight, and Day-Glo remains a staple of '80s outfit ideas. Pop-stars in the '80s looked kind of like brightly dressed hookers that got lost on their way to they gym. No one is complaining, it worked. Guys can benefit from the neon craze as well. T-shirts and short-shorts are always a crowd pleaser. The elusive Surf-Style nylon jacket is also an '80s florescent classic. Keeping it bright is one of the simplest and most effective '80s outfit ideas.
  2. Don Johnson:  According to TV and movies, bad guys selling cocaine and the good guys trying to bust them dressed exactly the same. Honestly, this isn’t such a bad thing, as it led to some really stylish shoot-outs. A white suit really captures the spirit of Miami in the '80s and is perhaps the classiest of all '80s outfit ideas. A subtly flashy pink undershirt completes the Don Johnson look. For Scarface, go with a Cuban-style undershirt.
  3. Big Hair: Big hair was so popular in the 1980’s that enclaves in Jersey still cling to it this day. Girls had big hair, guys had big hair, and the rock stars had really big hair. In fact, the entire genre of '80s hair metal had absolutely nothing to do with music. It was all about sex, drugs, and…hair.
  4. Members Only: No one is exactly sure what these guys were members of, but one thing is for sure, anyone that gets their hands on an authentic Members Only jacket is automatically the pope of awesome-town at any '80s party. This is the pinnacle of '80s fashion and therefore one of the ultimate '80s outfit ideas.
  5. Go Punk: While the '80s will forever be remembered as the decade of Madonna, Pat Benatar, and hair metal, the '80s was also one of the most important decades for punk rock. Some Doc Martins and a leather vest can go a long way. Who doesn’t want to look like Sid Vicious. Alternatively, take the opportunity to pay homage to the origins of hip-hop with some hi-tops and a sideways hat. Hip-hop and punk styles are both great starting points for '80s outfit ideas.
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