5 ’80s Rock Fashion Essentials

Whether you are looking for a great Halloween costume or just trying out a cool retro look, knowing 5 '80's rock fashion essentials is the key to creating that classic look. Before you begin creating your look, it is important to understand that a lot of the fashion from the eighties was an attempt at self-expression through style. So, when you begin putting together your outfit, do not try to copy anything in specific; instead make it your own.  With this said, it is still probably important to keep a couple of these ‘80’s rock fashion essentials in mind when you are creating your look.

  1. Put on some acid wash jeans. Honestly, nothing says eighties like a pair of blue jeans that were soaked in chlorine. If you really want to create that cool hip look, don a pair of these bad boys.
  2. Get some funky footwear.  Shoe fashion during the  '80's was every bit as important as the clothing. So make sure that you get some sneakers or loafers that reflect your style. Some good choices are Converse All Stars, penny loafers, deck shoes, or anything that has a cool high top look.   
  3. Go long and big with your hair. During the '80's it seemed like just about every guy had shoulder length hair. So grow out your locks. Feather, perm it, or grow a tail, just get that hair down to your collar. . 
  4. Change your favorite clothing colors to black and neon. Black and neon were the predominate color palettes during the eighties.  If you really want to create an authentic eighties look, you would not consider anything but one of these two options.
  5. Do it Miami Vice style. Casual tees and suit jackets, what a great combination.  Follow it up with a pair of Converse All Star or Nike High Tops and you will be virtually living in the 80’s. 
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