5 ’80s Workout Outfits Ideas

If you need a cool costume for a party, these 5 ‘80s workout outfit ideas will have you looking like you stepped out of a time machine (or a DeLorean). All of the outfits are a bit zany, so find one that suits your personality and prepare to get physical.

  1. Neon Workout Gear Follow the ‘80s workout trend of wearing mismatched, neon colors. Pair an oversized neon blue tank top with electric yellow shorts or a bright green top with orange track pants. In fact, go with any neon color combination that you want; the less your outfit matches, the better. Don’t forget to wear a pair of red Nike’s with the tongues out to complete your outfit.
  2. Classic Sweats Outfit Gray was another popular color for ‘80s workout outfits. If you’re going for the ‘80s jock look, wear a set of gray sweats. You usually can find them at any department store for a pretty cheap price. Pair the ‘80s ensemble with basic white sneakers. Make sure to cut the sweatshirt along the bottom, though, so that it becomes more of a crop top. You can also cut off the sleeves and wear it as a shirt.
  3. Racquetball Yuppie If you want to dress like one of the snobs from “Wall Street,” wear this all-white, ‘80s workout outfit. Just pair freshly pressed white shorts with a white polo shirt and white tennis shoes. Carry around a racquet, and you’re officially an ‘80s yuppie.
  4. Leg Warmers Outfit This is a more feminine workout outfit, but it was all the rage in the ‘80s. If you don’t mind being more flamboyant, dress up as an ‘80s dance instructor. Wear some black dance shoes and cut the toes off of a pair of thick socks. Slide the socks up to just under your knees. Pair it with shorts and a tight shirt, then get ready to dance.
  5. Mesh Mess Of all the horrible ‘80s workout trends, see-through black mesh tops were probably the worst (just do an online search of “Right Said Fred”). If you want to dress horrendously, find yourself one of these mesh tops and pair it with super tight pants or another horrible ‘80s trend: hammer pants.
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