5 Actresses With The Best Legs And Feet

Hollywood divas and socialites certainly catches our eyes; however, which of the 5 best actresses have the best legs and feet? Zoning in on the more popular feminine attributes can inhibit restraint, and may defeat any purposes for debate. Some actresses only pose certain bodily parts for macro shots during films, such as the hands, buttocks, or the best legs and feet. Also, more guys admit to developing foot fetishes, which only raises the subject matter way beyond a moot point.

  1. Zoe Saldana. Saldana is an actress who showcases her world-class muscular legs, thighs, and feet on the silver screen. Fans have marveled at her long, lean physique in movies like "Avatar" and "Center Stage."
  2. Beyonce Knowles. Beyonce Knowles knows her sexy legs mesmerizes all across the globe, insomuch as it impresses multi-millionaire rapper, Jay-Z. A singer and actress, all the single ladies want a pair of those sexy legs and feet.
  3. Mariah Carey. Mariah Carey never fall short of diva status, and with a delicate physique to accompany her amazing talents only adds glitter to the occasion. Mariah Carey may have moved beyond the peak of her career, but she still struts nearly a nearly perfect pair of legs and feet.
  4. Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer Lopez heralds with a set of eye-opening, jaw-dropping sexy legs and feet. In fact, we saw enough of them in many of the gorgeous actress' Hollywood roles. The early to late 90's will never forget the surrealist effect of her physique.
  5. Eva Mendez. Eva Mendez developed a strong frame with attention grasping attributes. The illustrious actress showcases some of the finest legs and feet in the entertainment industry. She fits well in her roles as the seductress who beguiles the bad ass.
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