5 Adult Birthday Party Ideas

Adults love a good party just as much as kids do, so these 5 adult birthday party ideas can help you throw a great party that you and your friends will remember. Birthday parties for adults can be just as much fun as the parties thrown for little kids if you get a little creative!

  1. Set up a casino night. Casino nights are a great birthday party idea that will have all of your adult friends showing up. Rent or ask around for poker tables, slot machines and roulette or black jack tables you can use. Find some friends that would be willing to run a few tables during the evening. Paint cards on giant pieces of cardboard and hang them from the ceiling and have a cake decorated with hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds. Have people donate items to use as prizes. 
  2. Have a costume party. Adults like to dress up just as much as a kids do, so throwing an adult costume party for a birthday is a great idea. Tell everyone to come dressed up as their favorite movie characters or famous couples. Decorate the room based on the costume theme you choose. For movie characters, decorate with fake Oscars and gold and silver streamers. For famous couples, set up a photo shoot in the corner so your guests can have pictures taken of themselves dressed up. Make cupcakes instead of a birthday cake since everyone may be in difficult costumes and cupcakes will be easier to eat.
  3. Create a cocktail party. Adult birthday parties can be fancier than the average get-together, and throwing a cocktail party can be even more fun if you usually have barbecues and casual get-togethers. Invite everyone to wear attire that is more formal and play soft music in the background. Set up an appetizer bar with simple foods such as bruschetta or chips and dips. Offer cocktails, wine or beer and create a simple white cake with white icing for the birthday cake.
  4. Throw an '80s party. The '80s were a wild decade and are often a popular adult birthday party theme. Have everyone search their closet, or the local Goodwill, for clothes from the '80s to wear to the birthday party. Put up posters of '80s bands and '80s movies and find a cut-out of an '80s star for everyone to stand next to and get their picture taken. Create a nacho bar and serve '80s candy, while playing music such as Madonna, Guns N’ Roses, and The Bangles.
  5. Invite everyone to a food and alcohol potluck. Low finances make a potluck a fun adult birthday party idea. Have everyone bring his or her favorite dish and favorite drink to share with everyone else. The birthday boy can bring his own cake as his contribution to the potluck. Set up picnic tables outside and sit around a fire pit for a simple evening that will not cost a great deal and will still offer a good time for everyone.
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