5 Adult Drinking Games

The 5 adult drinking games combine your pleasure of a communal activity of hanging out with your friends and getting sloshed, both time well spent! These drinking games are your way of winding down and relaxing after a hard day's work. One thing these games are definitely not is stupid, irresponsible, reckless or even semi-dangerous.

  1. I've Never. I've Never is the best adult drinking game on account of how little you need to play it. All you need is the good stuff of booze and some friends willing to get wasted along with you. Start by speaking a sentence that starts with the phrase "I've never…" Complete the sentence by filling in the blank based on something you either have or haven't done. Whether you're honest does not matter. The point of this game is to complete the sentence in such a way that any one of your friends will have done whatever activity you referred to. If they have, they have to start drinking.
  2. Sparta. If you love the movie "300" (remember that one?) and sitting around getting drunk, then you have found the perfect adult drinking game for you with Sparta! The game is so super-easy that even a high-school dropout can do it. All you need is booze, friends and the movie "300." Each time a character or CGI-rendered creature either declares, "Sparta!" or "Spartans!" then you have to guzzle down some alcohol, Homes.
  3. No Holds Barred. This is the drinking game for you if you enjoy being insulted, so you are going to have to be a little bit of a masochist for this one. This game is between two people, with all other people acting as judges. Two people take turns hatefully belittling each other, and the first person to either crack up by laughing (or by showing any other reaction like punching the other in the face) loses. When this person loses, he has to chug down the previously agreed-upon beverage. Your friends will judge what constitute insults.
  4. Twisted Dreidel. This game is great if you're Jewish and like to get drunk as much as a sailor or an Irishman does. All you need is the Yittish or Jewish dreidel and alcohol. This game is so easy that even really smart chimpanzees should be able to play it. You drink according to what the praiseworthy dreidel lands on. If it lands on T1 or T2, you take one or two drinks, respectively. This game should get you drunk pretty quickly.
  5. Inglourious Basterds. This final best adult drinking game is based on the movie. You drink yourself to whatever state you feel comfortable based on what happens in the film. For example, everyone should drink if someone in the film either dies or there is an explosion. Another example of when to drink is when an actor speaks in German. These are only a few examples, and you can certainly add your own criteria to make this game even more drunk than it has the potential of being.
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