5 Advanced Techniques For Better Sex

If you're love life has been lackluster as of late, you need 5 advanced techniques for better sex. The following advanced techniques for better sex will switch her from checking her watch to see when you're done to gripping down on the sheets and begging for more. As long as you keep an open mind and an open line of communication between the two of you, there's no reason why these advanced techniques for better sex won't work for you!

  1. Try out some new positions. After a while, missionary in the dark can get kind of dull. Reinvigorate your sex life by introducing some new positions into the mix! The kama sutra, the ancient Indian manual on lovemaking, is an indispensable source for advance techniques for better sex. The positions include ones with the man on top, woman on top and even rear-entry for fans of the craft! Replace "reverse cowgirl" with the "lotus-like" position and watch the sparks fly!
  2. Go down on her. It might sound rudimentary, but proper cunnilingus is one of the most advanced techniques for better sex. Star slow, with light licks and flicks of your tongue,  and don't simply attack the clitoris. Be sure to vary it up by licking the outer labial walls of the vagina, and when in doubt, just ask her what she likes! Oh, and before you even think of going down there, be sure to shave. She'll appreciate it more than you'll ever know.
  3. Give her a tantric massage. One of the easiest advanced techniques for better sex, a tantric massage is a steamy way to warm her up for some great loving. For an added effect, dim the lights, put on some sensual music and some candles to really get her going. Get some warm massage oils and apply them to every inch of her naked form. They'll really help her loosen up and enjoy what's coming next.
  4. Move out of the bedroom. Get into bed, lights off, and start humping. Sound familiar? If you really want your sex to be better, try moving out of the bed. The shower, the kitchen table and the couch are all great places where the two of you can have some really adventurous sex. If that's not enough, trying moving outside your homestead, though be careful as to not irritate the local law enforcement while doing so.
  5. Introduce multiple partners. While this may yield maximum results, we're going out there to warn to proceed with extreme caution with this advanced technique for better sex! Really, we can't say this enough—if you phrase this proposition wrongly, it may mean a breaking point in your relationship. Don't just tell her, "I want two chicks at the same time," instead, ask her if she's ever considered it, or if it's something that would make her feel comfortable. If yes, then proceed with as much caution as humanly possible. If not, then drop the subject entirely and stick to the other suggestions we've provided.

If you and your partner are serious about ramping things up in the bedroom, then you need these advanced techniques for better sex. More so than a guide of positions, these advanced techniques for better sex are some suggestions for you and your lover to spice things up and keep your sex life as lively as possible. If you want to make your downstairs sore from constant bumping and grinding, be sure to check out these advanced techniques for better sex today!

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