5 Advantages Of Internet Explorer

Google's Chrome Browser may be the most stable, Firefox the more versatile, and Opera the fastest, but there are at least 5 advantages of Interent Explorer. Internet Explorer is known for its record of attaining a peak of about 95 percent usage share of web browser throughout 2002 and 2003 with the release of IE5 and IE6. Since then the percentage of usage is continuously dropping due to the emergence of competitors, most significantly Mozilla Firefox.

What’s causing the shifting of consumers from Internet Explorer to other Browsers? Is it because the other browsers are more preferable or is it because people don’t know what Internet Explorer’s advantages are compared to its competition? Here are 5 reasons why Internet Explorer or IE is more advantageous:

  1. Accessibility. Some websites, particularly businesses’ web pages, can only be viewed properly with Internet Explorer because of its previous large marketshare. Also, there are various special features in IE that can help users in viewing sites like the special accessibility setting where you can choose to ignore font colors, font styles, and font sizes particular web pages specifies for better viewing, or format web pages using a custom style sheet.
  2. Security. Internet Explorer also has several features regarding security. One of which is its zone-based protection framework which groups websites according to specific conditions, applying certain limitations on every particular zone. IE also has what is called an "attachment security service", where downloaded executable files are marked and users are prompted to decide whether to trust the file or not (often times executable files are potentially unsafe).
  3. Group Policy. Internet Explorer can be set up with its Group Policy feature, in which the window server domains implement different kinds of settings involving user interfaces—for example, disabling menu items and individual configuration options. Either way, with Internet Explorer you still have the option of configuring your own policy setting.
  4. Cache. Internet Explorer has a peculiar cache of visited websites that can be found in your temporary internet files folder giving you quicker access to previously visited pages and the ability to view them while offline.
  5. Support. Unlike other browser, Internet Explorer supports specific frameworks like ActiveX and VBsupport which are essential to applications that range from e-learning simulators to web-based accounting programs which are important to many businesses’ sites.
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