5 Advantages Of Social Networking

Here are 5 advantages of social networking that should get you ready to update a Facebook page, post a blog, or check out the latest tweet from a friend. Social networking does have some drawbacks, sure; there is a risk of creating every parent’s worst nightmare: a pasty, washed-out zombie of a child groping his way towards yet another soda, only to return to the dimly lit cave that has become nothing more than housing for the technological soul thief that is a computer. But seriously, is this a scenario that parents should be worrying about regarding the latest social networking craze? The fact remains that while social networking may seem nothing more than another reason to stay inside staring at a computer screen, it actually provides many advantages to the next generation that even old fuddy-duddies can start taking note of.

  1. Staying in touch: Long gone are the times of waiting days or even weeks to hear from a friend that’s moved overseas and can’t afford or can’t make it to a telephone. Members of the military are now able to keep family and friends completely updated from even the middle of the desert by using social networking applications such as Facebook or Twitter. Friends from high school and college can keep in contact from across a city or across a country, and they can do it from their mobile phone! Mobile social networking applications just keep getting faster and better, making the ability to stay in touch the number one advantage of social networking.
  2. Perspective: Many individuals may not share multiple points of view and previously, had no socially safe manner to gain them. Social networking allows the individual to get exposed to drastically different points of view that vary with culture, religion, ethnicity, economic background, and the like. Advantage number two of social networking is the ease of access to different perspectives and opinions.
  3. Business connections: The third advantage of social networking is the ability to develop business connections. Social networking also allows an individual to form connections with other people in his or her work environment. Corporate social networking is on the rise, allowing employees to keep each other updated on project status, location, and even whether he or she is out to lunch. Keeping previous business contacts alive and well could be the deciding factor for getting the right reference or resource.
  4. Marketing: When so many users are turning to social networking programs for their needs, advertising opportunities become drastically available. Marketing your product on the sidelines of Facebook according to demographic of each individual user will allow you to reach a much larger customer base. Even establishing pages on Facebook and Twitter will make the potential customer feel at ease when checking out your site, fearing neither pop-ups, nor spam mail, thus making the fourth advantage of social networking the remarkable marketing potential it offers.
  5. Feedback: Along the same lines, establishing a Facebook page for your business will also enable you to ask for and receive feedback regarding your products, advertisements, or business practices. Even for the average Joe, social networking programs can provide the opportunity to ask friends, coworkers, and customers for feedback on any idea. Even students can ask questions in near real-time to receive almost instantaneous answers. The last, but certainly not least, advantage of social networking is being able to generate feedback for just about anything.

These advantages of social networking revolve around the benefits of instantaneous communication. Whether you’re an entrepreneur trying to reach out to a greater customer base, a spouse staying in contact with your military partner overseas, or yes, even a pale zombie of a high school student staying current on the latest tweets, social networking offers just about everyone an opportunity to stay in touch.

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