5 Advantages Of Telecommuting

Considering working from home and want to know the 5 advantages of telecommuting? With the age of computers and the Internet, businesses truly are global. More companies are allowing their work staff to telecommute part of the time or full time. It saves the company money, because they do not have to furnish office space and computers, thus saving money.

  1. Saves You Money. Of course, this is probably the biggest advantage of telecommuting. You no longer need to commute to an office, so you save on gas money, thus also helping the environment. Your vehicle does not have the wear and tear of daily commutes, also saving you money on tires and other mechanical expenses.
  2. Reduces Stress. Daily stresses such as getting to work on time, traffic, and office politics can all hamper productivity. The advantages of telecommuting are the reduction of daily stress. Telecommuting has its own work-related stress, but you do not have to worry about the everyday stresses of hurrying to work and sitting in traffic.
  3. Shed the Clothes. An advantage of telecommuting is that there is no need to wear business attire or uniforms. Do you feel like working in your sweats or shorts? It is not a problem when working from your home office. This also saves money since you do not have to buy work clothes and have them dry-cleaned.
  4. Health Improvements. A huge advantage of telecommuting is the fact that it improves overall health. If the body is less stressed, it normally begins to recover from stress-related illnesses. This also saves money on doctor visits and medications.
  5. Productivity Improvement. Advantages of telecommuting are many, but probably the greatest benefit is the increase in productivity. You no longer have to commute to work and have a reduced stress load, so naturally you get more work achieved.
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