5 Advantages Of Video Conferencing

There are the five advantages of video conferencing in the business world. Essentially a televised phone call, videoconferencing lets multiple participants at different locations hear and see each other through visual and audio transmission. Unlike telephone video, where there is a one on one interaction, an entire group can actively converse with another group across the globe. The benefits of video conferencing are hard to ignore.

  1. Saves cost compared to in person meetings. Thousands of dollars in expenses add up sealing a business deal. Not only does the airplane tickets, meals and lodging cost big bucks. The money lost from an employees time away is also costly. With a one time investment in video conferencing equipment, time and travel costs can be greatly reduced.
  2. Keeps schedules flexible. There are many unproductive hours to be accounted for when an employee leaves town for business. An advantage of video conferencing is employees can virtually be at two places at once. You can attend a training in New York at 3 p.m. and meet with a client in L.A. at 5 p.m. and still make it home for dinner with the wife. The possibilities are endless.
  3. Unifies the company. Employees located in different offices can fell disjointed from the rest of the organization. Video conferencing allows for smoother in-house communication. It allows employees in different offices to work on collaborative projects and makes training. Employees build stronger relationships with each other fostering stronger social networks and team building. And by being able to hear directly from the higher ups gives employees confidence that can translate into higher production.
  4. Build stronger business to business relationships. Clients have the advantage of putting a face with the voice, creating a stronger bond. The face-to-face contact of video conferencing builds an important bridge between a client and the company. This can only help sales and the longevity of the relationships.
  5. Allows smaller companies to go global. It is a global economy, with money to be made around the world. The internet helps smaller businesses reach out, but it is not the same as a personal connection. Video conferencing can take relationships to the next level to seal the deal, without the high travel costs.
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