5 Aerobic Kickboxing Techniques

There are many aerobic kickboxing exercises, but for this article, we'll focus on just 5 aerobic kickboxing techniques.

  1. The Power Punch – For a successful power punch, the firsyof the 5 aerobic kickboxing techniques you ought to master, get into the stature oblique. While keeping one foot behind you, target your opponent with this position. Once again, make the mental note to have your chin tucked in. For the power punch, you will use your rearward arm to do the actual hitting. As with every kickboxing offensive move, aim through your target and not at the closest body section facing you. Before throwing the power punch, quickly make sure your first two knuckles are aligned with your target. A straight line up the arm and shoulder needs to also be maintained during the power punch execution. Hips are also essential body parts in this kickboxing technique and need be rotated in a forward manner. Simultaneously, lean your shoulder forward toward your punch goal. This goal, or target, is straight down from your opponent's nasal region, as well as the center below the chest bone in the ribcage area.
  2. The uppercut – This aerobic kickboxing technique is a lot like you might gather from the name of it. You need to use your front arm, and punch upwards in the direction of your opponent's chin. As with any and all aerobic kickboxing techniques, be sure follow through past the point of impact.
  3. The Jab Punch – To successfully complete a jab punch, which is one of the 5 essential aerobic kickboxing techniques, begin by standing, facing your target. For this particular move, you'll also need to tuck your chin in. Next, jab while aiming through your target. You never want to aim at your target's outer-facing area, or else you won't have enough follow-through to land the jab. For your hands, consciously line up the first two knuckles of your hands with your intended striking point. Although this may seem like a lot to remember, do your best to retain a straight line up of your arm and your shoulder, while you extend your shoulder simultaneously. Your ultimate striking point for this jab punch is either at that spacial spot shadowed by the nasal region or toward the middle frame, which is the center point of your opponent's ribcage, down below the chest bone.
  4. The cross – Beginning at your back arm, this most forceful technique in the 5 aerobic kickboxing techniques mainly puts your body mass into the action. In order to use your weight, step forward as you punch, and also have your hips turn. You can protect your face defensively by holding your front hand in front of it.
  5. The side kick – This may well be the simplest aerobic kickboxing kick to master. The basic idea is to put the lion's share of your weight on your your back foot, and while so doing, kick your front leg to the side.


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