5 Affordable Private Jets

If you are tired of dealing with everything that comes with airport travel, take a look at these 5 affordable private jets. With all of the exposure public airlines are receiving due to the increase in their fees for baggage, many people are wondering whether or not there are affordable private jets available to the public. Whether someone who travels frequently wants to purchase their own jet or maybe just rent one for a large family trip such as a destination wedding, affordable private jets are becoming a phenomenon that individuals are considering more and more.

  1. Lucky Jets. If you’re looking for a quick getaway to Las Vegas, Lucky Jets is the perfect choice for affordable private jets. Not only does Lucky Jets offer you the opportunity to take your own private jet on those much deserved vacations, but they also have the option to book your flight and hotel all in one place. With prices as low as $499 per person round trip, Lucky Jets provides the perfect opportunity to plan a quick, last minute vacation without breaking the bank.
  2. One Sky Jets. For those travelers with the option to make a large down payment, flying with One Sky Jets offers an affordable private jet option. With a one time down payment of $100,000, one can gain access to an exclusive club that can save thousands of dollars off the regular cost of chartering a private jet. One Sky Jets boasts results of saving their clients over $20,000, making them one of the top affordable private jet companies.
  3. Imperial Jets. The Jet Card program offered by Imperial Jets provides the option for affordable private jets without the hassle that goes into planning and booking your trip. Similar to a debit card program, Imperial Jets provides you with a Jet Card, loaded with funds based solely for your flights. The Jet Card program allows you to lock in your rates on particular jets before they increase, which could result in thousands of dollars worth of savings.
  4. Blue Star Jets. As one of the leading companies for the rental of affordable private jets, Blue Star Jets offers a wide variety of flight options without the need for a membership option that some companies require. An individual wanting to take a family trip from New York, NY to Los Angeles, CA can do so for approximately $8000 per person. If luxury and privacy is what you are looking for, booking with Blue Star Jets offers just that.
  5. Delta Air Elite. If flying with a well-known airline is a requirement for you, consider Delta Air Elite as one of your choices when researching affordable private jets. With two different types of membership options, they are bound to have something that will suit your needs. Whether you are looking for their pay as you go program, Fleet Charter, or the option to load a membership account with funds to pay for your flights as you choose to take them, flying with Delta Air Elite will give you the comfort of flying with a known airline with the privacy of having your own affordable private jet.
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