5 Alabama Beach Fishing Tips

Looking for 5 Alabama beach fishing tips? The guideline below will show which are the best fish to catch at the beach, and tips for catching these fish.

  1. Pompano Fish. One of our five Alabama beach fishing tips is how to catch pompano fish. These fish are typically at their peak in quantity from July through August. The best bait to catch these fish are mole crabs, small bucktails, and plastic tail jigs. Pompano fish like to feed on the sand fleas that the current brings onto the beach.
  2. Sea Trout. Sea trout are available all year long, but they like to frequent the beach area in March. To catch sea trout, one of five Alabama beach fishing tips, you should use live shrimp or croakers. The best location to find the seat rout is around shores of marshy or grassy areas.
  3. Spot Fish. This tip on our list of five Alabama beach fishing tips relates to spot fish. Spot fish are available from May through November, but are at their pick in June. Spot fish are one of the easiest fishes to catch from the beach or docks and piers. The best bait to catch spot fish is squid or dead shrimp.
  4. Tarpon. Tarpon are one of the largest fish that you can catch by the beach. These fish can reach up to 150 pounds. The best way to catch tarpon fish is to use whole dead fish, such as spot fish, croaker, or menhaden. You should use a 9/0 circle hook when fishing for tarpon fish from the beach.
  5. Cobia. The final tip on our list of five Alabama beach fishing tips deals with cobia fish. You will often see cobia swimming near the surface of the water. The best bait to use to catch cobia is live bait, such as silver eels, pin fish, and mullet fish. The peak season for catching cobia fish on the beach is mid-May and mid-September.
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