5 Alcohol Drinking Games

These 5 alcohol drinking games can help your social events to become far better. If you know them then you can have loads of fun playing them. So the next time you have a party, use these alcohol drinking games.

  1. The first alcohol drinking game that you should know is called "the rules game". It involves taking a drink every time that you mess up your turn. It starts with each person saying one number in order 1 + to as many people that are there. The last person in the count up makes a rule for one of the players. Then everyone counts in order again until you get to the number that has a new rule. That person has to remember to say or do their rule instead of their number. If they mess up they take a drink. This continues until everyone has a rule instead of a number.
  2. The second alcohol drinking game is called "I have never". It is similar to the first game. Each person takes a turn and says the following: "I have never". Then they insert something that they have done or not done. Everyone that has done the thing that they had "never done" has to take a drink. The game proceeds until everyone is drunk or sick of the game.
  3. The third alcohol drinking game is called "quarters". This game involves trying to flip a quarter into a cup, bowl or any target. If you miss, then you have to take a drink. The game really never ends. It goes until everyone passes out from drinking or gets sick of the game.
  4. The forth alcohol drinking game is called " dice". You need a pair of dice for each couple and alcohol. Have each person pair off into couples. Then they take turns rolling the dice. The highest one wins. the lowest has to take a drink. The game goes until someone calls uncle or passes out.
  5. The final  alcohol drinking game is called "cups". You take a series of cups and line them up in a row. One person flips the cups in a pattern. the second person has to repeat the pattern. If they fail then they have to take a drink. This game is great for couples or just two people. Just remember to drink in moderation.
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