5 Alien Birthday Party Dishes

Looking for 5 alien birthday party dishes? If you're trying to throw an alien-themed birthday party for your child, you may be stuck on the snacks. Making treats for an alien birthday party can be quick and easy, if you're willing to get creative. Below are some ideas on alien birthday party foods.

  1. Alien drinks. You can make drinks for all the kids at your birthday party very simply. Choose a citrus soda, if you want to start with something clear, and add food coloring, either blue or green. This treat is simple and easy and adds an alien flair to the birthday party.
  2. Brain mold gelatin. Brain molds are usually sold during Halloween but sometimes can be found during the year. Make the gelatin like you would normally, but place it in the brain mold to set. Add small pieces of fruit for "brain matter."
  3. Alien eyes. Phyllo dough pastry cups start off this tasty treat. Line the bottom of the cups with marinara sauce, but not too much. Then, place meatballs in the center of the dough on top of the sauce. Use olive slices for the pupils and place them on meatballs; this can be tedious, but worth it. Once finished, add some shredded cheese to the top. Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for about ten minutes and you have some tasty alien eyeballs!
  4. Flying saucer pizzas. Individual pizzas can serve as "flying saucers." Just be creative with the toppings, and be sure to serve them on alien-themed plates.
  5. Themed cakes. Local party stores sell cake molds in the shape of rockets, planets and aliens. Use green, blue and orange frosting to highlight the alien nature of your dessert.

As an added bonus, star sprinkles add an instant alien theme to any dish, so be generous with the sprinkles either on the food or as simple decorations! Also, when making ice, add food coloring to make funky space-age ice cubes, and serve them in different colored drinks.

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