5 Allen Iverson Jump Shot Tips

These 5 Allen Iverson jump shot tips will have you hitting shots consistently. The former league-MVP has always been known for his sweet-shooting touch. Picking up these tips will have you draining your jump shots from any distance and angle like Allen Iverson in no time.

You will need:

  • Basketball
  • Basketball court
  1. Learn to position your body. It all begins here. Learning how to properly position your body equates to getting good balance. Allen Iverson uses the stance wherein the shoulder of his shooting hand is slightly ahead of his non-shooting shoulder. His legs are a little more than shoulder wide apart to give him extra stability.
  2. Get a grip. He places the ball almost in front of his chest with his shooting hand underneath and his non-shooting hand on the side of the ball for additional support. Iverson spreads his fingers for additional grip, with his fingertips firmly latched on the basketball.
  3. Jump straight up. Allen Iverson frequently has to employ the use of his fade-away shot to avoid getting the ball blocked by pesky defenders. However, when perfectly clear, he hits his shots in textbook form. Iverson starts with perfect positioning and propels himself using his feet, knees and legs for elevation. His then cocks the ball slightly behind his head ready to shoot.
  4. Shoot the ball and follow through. When he hits the peak of his jump, Iverson extends his shooting arm and flicks his wrist, allowing the ball to naturally roll off his fingertips. Even as the ball leaves his fingers, he continues to follow through.
  5. Practice makes perfect. Even with his natural gifts and talents, Allen Iverson continues to hone and improve his skills through practice. Regularly shooting jump shots improves one's form and technique and will allow for greater consistency.
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