5 Aloe Vera Drinks

These five refreshing Aloe vera drinks made with fruit will quench your thirst every time. We know the benefits of applying Aloe vera, with its powerful healing properties, and drinking it can only benefit your body. Healthful living begins with what we put in our body; drinking Aloe vera drinks are a step in a healthful direction. The best Aloe to use is fresh Aloe vera; the aloe that has been processed contains preservatives (chemicals) to keep it stable. When using fresh Aloe, the Aloe vera drink must be refrigerated, and should be discarded after two days. Make quantities that can be consumed within several days. 

These five Aloe vera juice drinks will all start with the same Aloe vera base: two to four ounces per drink, you can add more or less to taste. Use prepared juice or juice fresh fruit for maximum benefits and freshness. Experiment with other fruit juices as well. You can add Aloe vera to any drink you like. 

  1. Aloe Orange Drink- Blend orange juice and Aloe vera together. Drink immediately, or refrigerate for no more than two days.
  2. Aloe Vera Smoothie- Blend up your favorite smoothie. After blending, add one to two ounces of  Aloe vera. Drink immediately.
  3. Aloe Ginger Drink- Blend carrot and pear juice together. Add finely grated ginger (one to two teaspoons to taste). Add one to two ounces of fresh Aloe vera. Drink immediately. The ginger taste becomes more pronounced (or spicier) over time. Discard after two days of refrigeration. 
  4. Aloe Carrot Drink- Blend carrot and apple juice together, then add Aloe vera. For a sweeter taste, add more apple.  
  5. Aloe Pineapple Drink- Blend pineapple,carrot and apple juice together. Add Aloe vera to juice. Drink immediately or refrigerate for no longer than two days. 


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