5 Alter Ideas For Beach Weddings

If you are getting married on the beach, you may consider using one of these 5 Alter Ideas For Beach Weddings.

Many people have a hard time seeing a beach wedding with an alter. It’s mixing an old tradition with the new. Once you’ve figured out if you will include one, there’s the question of what type of alter to have.


  1. Wood The traditional altar. This can be a perfect fit for a relaxed beach wedding. Keep it simple and elegant and let it stand alone instead of adding a ton of attachments. For a beach wedding you can even find one made of drift wood.
  2. Flowers An altar of flowers is quiet common now a days. Brides who love flowers can often create their own altar designs that include the flowers of their choice. The downside is that this will naturally be a more expensive option and one that, if you want real flowers, can’t be made weeks ahead of time and will have to be something you worry about until the day of the wedding.
  3. White Fabric Altars made of billowing white fabric, often lace, have become quite popular in the last few years. They give an ethereal appearance when there’s a light wind and can add a little more majesty to the moment. They look stunning on a beach. Of course, it doesn’t have to be white fabric.
  4. Candles An altar covered in candles is a stunning image. Especially if you are having a beach wedding at dawn or as the suns goes down. You can have candles lining the walk way, leading up and over the altar so it leaves the bride and groom bathed in light.
  5. Plants, not flowers. If you’re getting married on a tropical island, a pair of local plants or trees can make a beautiful altar. You can even make it simple by just getting married under a local tree or plant that’s right on the beach.  
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