5 Amateur Oral Sex Tips

Maybe you’re not sure exactly where to start but if you’re ready to dive into oral sex, these 5 amateur oral sex tips should help you on your way to driving her to ultimate orgasms. Everyone has to start somewhere so why not start here with some research on how to orally pleasure your partner.

  1. The most important aspect to oral sex is to pay attention to your partner. When you’re paying attention to their body movements, moans and behaviors, you will begin to tell what they like and what they don’t like in oral sex. If your partner is lifting her hips to meet your face, she is enjoying what you are doing, but if you switch it up and she stops moving, chances are it’s not as pleasurable as it was moments ago.
  2. Don’t make the mistake of rushing in or rushing the experience. Take your time getting to her treasure trove. Kiss her belly, trace her pubic mound with your tongue or tiny kisses, light bites and a little sucking. Make her desire you. These simple, yet drive-her-wild-little devices, will have her juices flowing and anticipating you going further down.
  3. Know your female anatomy. We know it can be tricky, but look for the clitoris at the very top of the women’s lips on the inside of the folds. Make sure you pay extra attention to the clitoris, also known as the clit. The clit is the orgasm button on many women during oral sex while other women may not find it as pleasurable if it’s over stimulated.
  4. Play games with her vagina. We are sure you heard of the alphabet game, but in case you haven’t, it’s when your trace the letters of the alphabet with your tongue all around her vagina. If you're just starting out or with a new partner, this is a great way to learn what areas you can hit that will send her over the edge.
  5. Sucking, biting and licking oh my! Different flavors for different women. Find out how your partner likes it; she may like a soft nip, a lot of sucking, or just having you lick. Communication is your best friend when you’re trying to make sure your partner is completely satisfied. 
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