5 Anal Sex Health Risks

Anal sex sounds tempting, but there are some downsides, including the following five anal sex health risks. From cancers, to bodily damage to dangers of STD’s and even pregnancy, it is worth it to be well informed when it comes to this particular sex act. Many people prefer anal sex, and with the proper precautions and knowledge of anal sex health risks it can be safely enjoyed by anyone.

  1. STD’s.  Anal sex is a very high-risk behavior for the infection of HIV and many other STDs including chlamydia, gonorrhea, hepatitis A, B and C, herpes and human papillomavirus. The reason for this serious anal sex health risks is that the tissue in the anus is very delicate and is prone to small tears in the course of anal sex, this makes way for STD’s to enter the system very easily. Condoms and lots of water-based lubricant are essential.
  2. Infections. Another major anal sex health risk is infection. If you are engaging in anal sex you need to be aware that anal bacteria could cause serious vaginal and bladder infections (cystitis). The only protection against this is condoms. Furthermore, it is essential that after anal intercourse that you replace the condom and thoroughly wash and disinfect your penis before entering the vagina or mouth.
  3. Pregnancy. One of the anal sex health risks that people don’t anticipate is pregnancy. Due to the fact that the anus is so close to the vagina, if the partner either does not wear a condom, or if it slips off or it is worn incorrectly there is a chance that some sperm may get into the vagina and cause pregnancy. The only way to protect against this is to be sure that the condom is worn correctly, and there is plenty of lube used to ensure that it doesn’t break or slip.
  4. Physical damage. Physical damage is one of the most common health risks of anal sex. This is due to the muscle on the outside of the anus that would ordinarily tighten if stimulated. This is a normal physical reaction, which can hurt you when you are trying to engage in anal sex. What you need for anal sex are relaxed muscles. But since it is the body’s natural instinct to tighten up when stimulated, this can cause you problems. If you are not careful even very gentle penetration of the anus may cause tearing and bleeding and can damage the sphincter muscles. This damage could cause incontinence or rectal prolapse. Further, even if you are careful, frequency must be kept to a minimum. Frequent anal sex is associated with hemorrhoids, leakage, ulcers and fissures.
  5. Anal and cervical cancer. Although this is a relatively new theory, many studies that are naming cervical sex as a possible anal sex health. There is quite a bit of evidence to point to anal sex being a cause of anal and cervical cancer. Most cases of anal cancer and cervical cancer are related to infection with the human papillomavirus, and one of the major ways a person can be infected with this is from engaging in anal sex.
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