5 Anime Role Play Ideas

Wondering of at least 5 anime role play ideas you and your partner can explore? Anime role play is a big business in the world of exploration and adult sex games. This adventure into the fantasy world can be quite erotic. Anime role playing can bring added sexual flavor to your relationship and open new avenues of sexual delight. Think for a moment about your favorite anime, the most attractive female character and her outfit and mannerisms. Some characters are innocent while others are slutty. Now take these thoughts into the bedroom with your woman and see what kind of interests “pops” up.

  1. Sakura Haruno ("Naruto") is a feisty, innocent, pink-haired female whose anime costume can be fitted as a tight, super short outfit showing off a lot of leg and curves. "Naruto" is martial arts based anime so passive aggressive play could make for fun times.
  2. Tifa Lockhart ("Final Fantasy") is the anime version of Lara Croft. Rough play may be in order since Tifa is a pistol of a woman. The costume is erotic: small, tight top, exposed midrift and short-shorts.
  3. Misaki ("Maid Sama!") is a sassy tease of a maid who is always bending over on the job or working on her knees. The outfit is French by design, tight where it counts, extremely short and easily accessible. The outfit is simply sexy. If your woman wants to parade around like a tease, all the better.
  4. Shina ("Angel Beats") is a sassy schoolgirl with a smart mouth that certainly requires some discipline. The short and cute schoolgirl outfit can be made a bit more slutty should you choose to do so. The schoolgirl fantasy has always been big.
  5. Golden Darkness (To Love Ru) is just a female, nothing extraordinary, but the costume is pure sexual allure. A short dress paired with a cloak that hides the legs from the rear and the top is tight with a perfectly placed star cut out on her chest.
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