5 Apartment Window Decorating Tips For Men

Below are five apartment window decorating tips for men. As many different styles of apartments are available, there are, obviously, different decoration styles that will fit certain residences. You will have to decorate your apartment window accordingly to make it look nice and fitting of your living space. 

Five Apartment Window Decorating Tips for Men:

  1. Use basic curtains: Curtains that match the surrounding wall color are basic and fitting for any apartment living space. They do not need to be fancy to make for a better look, especially in the living room or the bedroom. Curtains that are slightly darker than the wall color are great for walls that have natural colors, such as tan, beige, and olive.
  2. Use silk curtains: In upscale apartments, silk curtains perfectly compliment the living space. These are especially great around larger apartment  windows or porch doors.
  3. Color the surrounding wall to match the apartment window frame: If you have an apartment that you can alter, consider painting the apartment window frame white (if it is any other color), and painting the room's walls some natural tone, such as creme or light olive. This will give your apartment a modest look.
  4. Modern, light colored window drapes: Light drapes will match virtually any surrounding wall, making them ideal for a room that has basic windows. These will work with white or darker colored walls, but they do not match bay windows or other more complex windows.
  5. Window cornice: A nice apartment window cornice will liven up any apartment. Make sure that the wood (and its coloring) used in the cornice matches the surrounding wall and carpet. This may also be used over bay windows, but if a window frame already has intricate molding, you might want to leave it alone.

These five apartment window decorating tips for men will surely help you find a more comfortable and classy living space. You might need to experiment some, but eventually, they should help you find a style that works for you and looks good.

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