5 Aphrodisiac Oils

There are many ways to intensify a romantic interlude, and using the top 5 aphrodisiac oils is merely one of them. Oils used as aphrodisiac's can be applied directly to the skin like perfume, or you can also burn the scent in incense form or in a potpourri pot so the air is filled with the rich oil's aroma. Aphrodisiac oils are a great way to set the mood, raise libido and body temperature, helping trigger you and your partner's undeniable passion.

  1. Jasmine. This top five aphrodisiac oil has a sweet, floral smell, but is also exotic. This aphrodisiac has been used by women in India for hundreds of years as a tool of enticement toward their husbands. Make sure when buying Jasmine oils, you find a good quality; pure oil for it has a stronger and exquisite effect. This aphrodisiac oil can also be used for medicinal purposes to ease depression, coughing, promote relaxation and as a skin antiseptic.
  2. Ylang Ylang. Slightly yellow in color, this exotic aphrodisiac oil gives off a sweet, delectable smell. Ylang Ylang has a calming effect for those who are very frigid, impotent or have low self-esteem. It helps relieve sexual tensions and anxieties, as well as reduces high blood pressure. In certain cases, Ylang Ylang has also helped in stimulating hair growth, relieved depression and insomnia.
  3. Sandalwood. This top five aphrodisiac oil is often used in perfumed fragrances, for it has an alluring effect on the opposite sex. Users and their partners are drawn to its enticing woody scent which effectively accentuates a person's natural pheromones. Buddhist's and Hindu's have long embraced the use of Sandalwood in various rituals and believe it promotes spiritual enlightenment. This aphrodisiac oil also has properties that ease impotence, tension and anxiety.
  4. Lavender. One of the most powerful of the top five aphrodisiac oils, lavender has been utilized as the 'herb of love' for centuries. Married people in ancient times would add lavender to teas, bath water and more to promote fidelity within their love union. Lavender oils are also used today to help promote restful sleep, relief of tension headaches and ease muscular pains. This aphrodisiac oil can also be used as anti-viral treatments to aid as a decongestant and prevent infection.
  5. Rose. This top five aphrodisiac oil is one of the most intoxicating fragrances of all time. For hundreds of years, women have enjoyed this fragrant flower which not only gives off a lovely aroma, but also brings life to any room. Rose oils cause arousal, relaxation, spiritual uplifting and brain stimulation. In ancient times, this aphrodisiac oil was used to cure impotence, sexual frigidness and emotional dissatisfaction. Rose oil can also be used as a healing agent for scars, wounds, ulcers and other skin conditions. Rose oil is a great infection stopper as well and can aid in treating thrush, gingivitis, tuberculosis, asthma, bronchitis and the herpes simplex virus.
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