5 Aphrodisiac Scents

Listed below are 5 aphrodisiac scents. These, when present, can really help a couple get in the mood. There is something that certain scents have that is somehow sexual, and helps to get people feeling right. All of these scents listed below have that special something. Aphrodisiacs have been used throughout history and the most popular scents are natural. Following are five aphrodisiac scents.

Five Aphrodisiac Scents

  1. Jasmine: A known aphrodisiac for both sexes, Jasmine is a wild shrub that has an oil with a very particular aroma. It is used in many different perfumes and colognes and has been, for centuries, used as an aphrodisiac. Any sprays or oils with jasmine are great for getting people in the mood.
  2. Sandalwood: The oil from this aromatic plant is one of the top aphrodisiacs. It is very unique, and has amazing erogenous effects for users. The oil is obtained from trees of the genus "Santalum", which also has many other uses because of its unique odor.
  3. Lavender: Lavender is a type of flowering plant that has a remarkably unique and sexual scent. Something about it is just pleasant and comforting, which is why it is very popular as an aphrodisiac. Its scent is very popular for a number uses, such as in shampoo, bath salts, massage oils, perfume, lotion, and in more items.
  4. Basil: Commonly used in cooking because of its very specific taste, the scent of basil is also a known aphrodisiac. Oils containing its scent are excellent for getting people aroused.
  5. Vanilla: Vanilla, which comes from orchid flowers, has such a pleasant and tasty aroma that it is a top aphrodisiac scent for both men and women. Oils and sprays, as well as incense and candles that contain its unique scent are great for turning people on and getting them in the mood.

All of these are natural, and many of them have historical roots as aromas that can get people aroused.

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