5 Approaching Women Tips

These 5 approaching women tips are super easy as long as you know what to do. If you're hung up on the small stuff, worried about what she'll think, or are feeling down, you won't get far. Use these five approaching women tips to make contact with the ladies of your choice!

  1. Act confident. The most important of the five approaching women tips is to act confident. Think about how you want women to approach you. Are you turned on by a mousy, meek chick who has nothing to say or is too insecure to look you in the eye? Stand up straight, carry yourself well and know how to carry on a good conversation. You don't have to be a total smoothie to approach women, but you should appear to be smart, confident, and happy. These qualities are a huge turn on and make your quest to meet girls easier.
  2. Get past your demons. Think you're a loser? Or that approaching and meeting women is only for the cool guys? Think again. Not only do you want to act confident when you approach women, you want to feel confident. Acting as if will only take you so far. Get past your inner demons. You are a great guy, right? Your appearance is neat, you've got fresh breath and you're not drunk. (Being drunk when you approach women is always a bad idea.) Feel the positive vibes and know that you are worthy of meeting and being with great girls. Birds of a feather flock together, so be sure to attract the cream of the crop by knowing you deserve to meet nice girls.
  3. Approach small groups or singles. One of the five approaching women tips is to go for small numbers. Unless you're with your friends and in a group too, it's best not to hit on women in large groups. Large groups equal less chances of meeting girls. Find women who are with one or two girlfriends, or approach women who are alone.
  4. Make the chicks laugh. Women love to laugh. They also love funny guys. If you can tell funny jokes, you will have an easier time approaching women. The trick is not to be cheesy, rude or vulgar. That's a turn off that will not lead to a hook up. You typically can judge what she might find funny and what might find offensive within the first few minutes. Tread carefully, but don't hold back too much. You want to appear jovial and fun. Chicks dig men who make them laugh, so take advantage of the opportunity.
  5. Flattery gets you where you want. If you've made it this far, you're doing a good job of approaching women. Be sure to flatter her. Compliment her eyes, hair or smile. You might also compliment her outfit. The only thing to be wary of is coming on too strong or making too much of a fuss. Never ingratiate yourself when you approach women. Keep a bit of mystery going on, but let her know you think she's groovy. Under the right circumstances, a nice bit of flattery will help to break the ice and get you a date.
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