5 Arm Exercises With Hand Weights

Looking for 5 arm exercises with hand weights? Arm toning and strengthening exercises are a part of most regular strength-building routines. While using resistance machines to tone and strengthen is effective, these machines have a tendency to work only particular muscle groups, leaving some muscles neglected. Instead, opting for hand weights offers more flexibility and greater control over exercise movements. To get started using hand weights for arm exercise, try these top five muscle-building moves.

  1. Lateral raises work the shoulders and biceps. To perform a lateral raise, stand up with feet shoulder-width apart. Bend the knees slightly, and hold the dumbells down at your sides. With elbows slightly bent, slowly raise the weights up and straight out until you reach shoulder height. Proceed to slowly lower the arms and weights back down to the sides. Repeat this exercise in sets of ten to fifteen.
  2. French press arm exercises work the backs of the arms, known as the tricep muscles. To perform a french press, lay flat on your back with knees bent together, and feet flat on the floor. With a hand weight in each hand, raise both arms straight up over your chest. Slowly bend the elbows back, bringing the hand weights down beside the ears. Extend arms back upward over the chest. Repeat the exercise in sets of ten to fifteen.
  3. Hammer curls are a type of bicep curl performed standing upright. Keep feet shoulder width apart, and bring dumbells down to the sides with arms straight. The palms of the hands should face the body. Alternating arms, slowly curl each arm upward, bending at the elbow. Make sure that the upper arms remain at the sides. Repeat this exercise in sets of ten to fifteen.
  4. Flat chest flies work muscles in the arms, chest and shoulders. To perform a flat chest fly, lay flat on the floor or on a bench. Bend the knees, keeping feet flat on the floor. Raise hand weights and arms straight up over the chest. Slowly open up the arms, bringing each arm out laterally to opposite sides of the body. Make sure weights and arms are parallel to the floor before returning to the starting position. Repeat this exercise in sets of ten to fifteen.
  5. Shrugs work the muscles and biceps. In a standing position, bring feet shoulder width apart. Bring arms straight down by your side with one hand weight in each hand. Proceed to shrug the shoulders upward, holding them in the upright position for three seconds before releasing them downward. Make sure to raise shoulders straight up, not backwards. Repeat this exercise in sets of ten to fifteen.
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