5 Arm Wrestling Exercises

These 5 arm wrestling exercises can help enhance the muscles used in training for competitive arm wrestling or just fun with the guys.  Arm wrestling prominently uses the shoulders, biceps, triceps, and forearms. Here are 5 arm wrestling exercises to make you the best arm wrestler you can be.

  1. Shoulder press. The shoulder press is one standard for the shoulders. There are valuable variations, such as the military press, that can target specific areas of the shoulders, such as the deltoids. This is a staple for developing muscles for arm wrestling.
  2. Biceps curls. Use biceps curls in all forms for variety and for targeting different parts of the biceps, such as the preacher curl and others. Curls are also versatile, using dumbbells, barbells, and pulley-based systems.
  3. Triceps extensions. Triceps extensions can be performed while on a bench or even standing. Be sure to clinch your triceps at the end of the lift to really focus your triceps. While the triceps are affected by many arm exercises, it is important to dedicate time specifically for them to be enhanced.
  4. Wrist curls. Wrist curls can be performed in both directions, which is important in order to work both extensors and flexors of the forearms. Simply sit on a bench and stabilize your wrist, rotating your hands in both directions to perform wrist curls.
  5. Grip strengtheners. Grip strengtheners represent a bonus area to consider when choosing arm wrestling exercises. Grip strength is very important for strength training, and of course for doing well in arm wrestling. Plus, you can do it anywhere, at the office, the gym or even while watching television.



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