5 Asian Celebrities With The Best Legs

Who are the 5 Asian celebrities with the best legs? Ah yes, legs. Two of the most beautiful parts of the human female anatomy A nice set of legs is enough for a guy to do a double take. There is no real definition of what makes legs the "best", other than they work well with the body they're attached to. There are some Asian celebrities out there with great legs. Some have beautifully defined calfs, while other sets of legs have a more subtle yet sexy appearance. So who are the Asian celebrities with the best legs? Check these hot women out. Get your lubrication ready.

  1.  Kristi Yamaguchi. When you think of American Championship Olympic skating, you have to think of this beautiful Japanese-American woman. Her powerful legs are what helped her to win victories in the 1992 Olympics. Even if you're not a fan of figure skating, you'd be a fan of her. She's a beautiful woman with some of the sexiest legs around.
  2. Kelly Hu. This sexy Asian actress definitely has some of the best legs to hit the silver screen. To get a few of those beautiful stems of hers, just turn on the T.V. She's all over the place. Check out the flick "Scorpion King" (2002). Enough said. She's in "X2" as well. Though, her legs don't get much screen time
  3. Lucy Liu. The sexiest Chinese actress in the game. Period. There's no need to name all of the movies and T.V. shows she has appeared in. Her 5'3" frame is sporting some of the most beautiful legs ever, Asian or otherwise. She's the stuff naughty thoughts are made of.
  4. Lisa Ling. Here's another Asian celebrity you can find all over the T.V. set. She's hosted "The View". She's done work on the "National Geographic" channel. But who cares about all of that? You want to know about her legs right? They're definitely some of her best work. Though extremely thin, her legs are quite shapely. Her calfs make a set of pumps so happy.
  5. Ziyi Zhang. This beauty is of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" (2000) fame. She's a dancer turned big screen butt kicker. Wait a minute. Read that first line again. She's a dancer… Enough said. Ziyi Zhang may be rather skinny, but her legs should be the eight and ninth wonders of the world respectively. They make you want to go exploring down there.
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