5 Athletes With Eating Disorders

Who are the top 5 athletes with eating disorders? Life on the run with constant scrutiny is not what it seems. Many demands are placed on athletes and those seeking fame. Maybe being less weight conscious and obsolete has its advantages. 

  1. Well known German golfer Martina Eberl began struggling with bulimia when she was only 14 years of age. Bulimia is the eating disorder that makes one throw their food back up in an attempt to lose weight. The individual feels as though they are overweight no matter what weight they are at. Martina had the eating disorder for ten years before she sought help. Today, she is fully recovered. 
  2. After being told by a US judge that she was too fat to be any good or excel in gymnastics, Christy Heinrichs developed the eating disorder anorexia bulimia. At the age of 22, she died from the disease. At the time of her death, she weighed only 47 pounds.  
  3. At the age of 22, Heidi Guenther, a ballet dancer, died of complications associated with anorexia. She had been told by the ballet company she worked for to lose at least five pounds. In her struggle to lose the weight, complications arose from the eating disorder. Her death increased awareness of the stringent guidelines and demands imposed on dancers. 
  4. Males athletes are not isolated from these eating disorders. Bahne Rabe, Olympic rower and winner of eight gold medals, suffered with anorexia. He experienced significant weight loss and weakness before dying of the eating disorder. Before his death, he had to retire from the sport due to his diminishing health and weakening from a lung infection caused by his illness.  
  5. Cross country runner Whitney Spanneth suffered with both eating disorders, bulimia and anorexia, while trying to lose pounds and become thinner. Her attempt to decrease her body mass led to severe health complications which made her suffer significantly.  

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