5 ATM Fraud Prevention Tips

Looking for 5 ATM fraud prevention tips? It can become a very tricky and frustrating situation if you were to become a victim of ATM fraud. While the below tips will not guarantee that you will not become a victim of ATM fraud, they will surely reduce the chances of ATM fraud happening to you.

  1. Distractions. To prevent ATM fraud, make sure that you do not become distracted when you are using the ATM. One person may try to distract you while another person is stealing the number off of your debit card. You should also keep an eye out for people that are trying to look over your shoulder while you are using the ATM.
  2. Memorize Your PIN Number. You should always memorize the PIN number that is associated with your debit card. It is a bad idea to write the number down and keep it in your wallet or purse. If someone steals your wallet or purse, that person will have your debit card and your PIN.
  3. Daytime ATM Transactions. If possible, try to use the ATM during the daytime only. Generally speaking, most ATM fraud crimes happen under the cover of darkness.
  4. Video Surveillance. Never use an ATM that does not have video surveillance. People who are trying to steal your debit card information will target ATM's that are not under video surveillance. All bank ATM's should be under constant video surveillance.
  5. Protect your PIN Number. When you enter your PIN into the ATM, you are using a keypad. While you are using the keypad, always be sure to keep the keypad covered. You can use items such as your hands, purse, or jacket to keep the keypad covered while you are entering your PIN.

Tips: If you believe that you have been a victim of ATM fraud, contact your financial institution immediately. Your financial institution can cancel your debit card and/or monitor your debit card for suspicious activity.

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