5 Awesome Basketball Tricks

These 5 awesome basketball tricks involve traditional basketball skills as well as the ability to add the flash of streetball. The Harlem Globetrotters know how to make some major basketball moves, but professional players also have a trick or two for the fans. Most cities have open public courts where a host of locals can slam down some fine moves as part of a streetball team. 

  1. The Alley Oop: It's a classic professional basketball play, but it's also one of the five most awesome basketball tricks, if you have the skill to do the trick. Dribble toward the basket and take one long step at the basket. Move your legs in a slo-mo running action that looks like you're in the movies. While you're up there either pass the ball to a teammate to make the shot or, if you're good enough, do an underhand shot into the basket. This move takes real NBA skills. 
  2. The Hypnotizer: When an opponent gets up close in your face, try the hypnotizer. Hide the ball behind your back and dribble like a maniac. Once your opponent is sufficiently mesmerized, use your slight of hand to throttle the ball over your head and the head of your opponent. The idea is that the person will be so into your style that they'll miss the move. Sounds like a dream, but when you see this move done well, it's really quite outstanding. Just like any slight of hand magic trick, the hypnotizer involves plenty of practice.
  3. The Tornado: This move has a bit of the mesmerizing flash of the hypnotizer. You probably recognize it from the professional court, where it fools newbies in the opening games of each season. The tornado is an in-your-face move that puts you face-to-face with your opponent. Dribble up and strike an attitude while looking directly in the eye of your challenger. Fake the player out with a fake pass behind the opponent's head, but shoot the ball well above and to the back so you can make a break and get the ball before the opponent is the wiser. Add a spin on your way to the ball and you've got the tornado. It's all about the spin move. There are many, many variations of this move that spin all over the place. 
  4. The Shirt Catch: This basketball trick is a no-brainer to figure out what's happening, but in the hands of a basketball master, it's a wonderment. The shirt is used to catch the ball, but not in the way the observer might think. The basketball first comes off the feet and then behind the back before it ever comes near the shirt. Bounce the ball in front and grab the ball between your kicks. Lean forward a bit in a jump and shoot the ball to the back. At the same time, get your shirt ready to catch the ball. That's it. Sounds easy, but it's for sure not. A variation on the shirt catch is the shirt catch fake move. The player only pretends to catch the ball in the shirt and instead dribbles away or shoots.
  5. The Fruit Loop: This awesome basketball trick sounds stupid in print. It's another move that you really need to see in person and done by a master. Think Meadowlark Lemon of the Harlem Globetrotter. Players who like baggy, over-sized shirts are best at this move. The trick starts with dribbling. Do a through-the-leg dribble and bounce the ball up under your shirt. It's one smooth move here. If you liked the shirt catch move, you're going to love this one. Once the ball is in front of your stomach, pop it hard on the side and shoot the ball around the back to your other side. Righties punch to the right and left-handed players punch to the left. Once the ball comes around to hit the opposite side, use your arm to channel the ball down and out the shirt into a dribble move. The trick is to make the action look like one non-stop move. 
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