5 Awesome Unemployment Fraud Stories

With unemployment rising so has more of these five awesome unemployment fraud stories. Read on for these unemployment stories committed by normal folk.

  1. Adell Rastutis. A 61 year old woman in Denver received over $400,000 in fraudulent unemployment benefits. She was able to fraud the Department of Labor and Employment for about thirteen years. She started her scheme in 1994 by registering phony businesses with the State and obtained fake Identifications in order to collect unemployment benefits. She was charged with 51 felony counts which included theft, computer fraud, forgery, and criminal impersonation.
  2. Monroe Ralph Hymans and Julie Hymans. A father and daughter duo, ages 86 and 39, in Hartford Connecticut obtained over $317,000 in unemployment benefits. Monroe used his name as well as other fictional names to collect benefits from 1995 to April of 2009. They could face up to twenty years each as well as pay a fine of $250,000.
  3. David John. This 53 year-old man from New Zealand received $182,000 in unemployment benefits. He committed fraud by using the names of multiple dead babies. Later, he acquired birth certificates in their names and applied for unemployment benefits. His crime was committed from 1989 to 1993. He stopped when he was charged in 1993; soon after, John fled to South America but returned in 2007 to face his charges. He served three years in jail and had to pay reparation of 10,000.
  4. Drewey Pierre Whittaker. At 46 years old, this Georgia man managed to defraud Louisiana out of $125,000. He filed forty nine bogus applications to collect disaster unemployment benefits. He received twenty eight months in prison and had to repay 39,835. His charges included wire fraud and illegal use of social security numbers.   
  5. Martin Bautista and Francisco Gomez. Forty year old Bautista and Gomez defrauded the government out of more than $30,000 in California. They used the identity of people who had names similar to theirs in order to pull off their fraud. Charged with mail fraud as well as identity theft, they were both sentenced to two and a half years in prison. They each had to pay restitution of 30,150.



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