5 Babe Ruth Movies

The following 5 Babe Ruth movies feature details about the life and accomplishments of this legendary baseball player, following his birth in Baltimore, Maryland to his death in 1948 from cancer. According to his biography, Babe Ruth broke a number of baseball’s most important records, including the most years leading a league in home runs, the most home runs in a season and the coveted highest slugging percentage for a season. His record of 714 home runs stood until 1974, when it was surpassed by Hank Aaron. New York’s Yankee Stadium was dubbed “the house that Ruth built” due to his overwhelming presence.

 The following 5 Babe Ruth movies are available for purchase on the official Babe Ruth website and store.

  1. "The Babe." Released in 1997, “The Babe” tells the incredibly story of Babe Ruth and his influence on the game of baseball in 115 minutes.
  2. "Biography: Babe Ruth." The official biography from A&E Home Video, telling the story of this great sports hero. Released in 1996 and 60 minutes long, this revealing look into the life of Babe Ruth shouldn’t be missed.
  3. "My Dad, The Babe: The Babe Ruth Scrapbook." Available on VHS and released in 1991, this movie about the life of Dorothy Ruth’s famous father, Babe Ruth, is 90 minutes long.
  4. "The Babe Ruth Story." With both a high customer rating and a strong recommendation from Babe Ruth fans, this movie runs 106 minutes and was released in 1990.
  5. "Babe Ruth, The Life Behind the Legend." This film from HBO home video tells the extraordinary life of Babe Ruth, one of the most legendary athletes of all time. It was released in 1990 and runs 60 minutes.



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